October 31, 2018

Tammy Green

With respect to our real estate engagement with Tammy Green, I eagerly share how satisfied we are with Tammy and her professionalism and knowledge base. 

Our real estate needs were quite unique and specific. What made our engagement with Tammy especially unique was the fact
that we were purchasing a home in the Moncton area from over 1600kms away!

This means we relied heavily on Tammy to source and deliver against our desires from a remote location. At every turn we felt as if we were right beside and with Tammy as we reviewed numerous prospective properties and locations. 

At anytime over the weeks of research Tammy was responsive and very understanding of the time differences between our locations. 

Ultimately we ended up with the perfect retirement home and location in New Brunswick. 

No question in my mind, this transaction was the most satisfying real estate partnership I, along with my wife have experienced. Yes, this is our 12th home purchase over the past 25 years and Tammy shines against all other agents we have worked with during these stressful times. 

Pleasure to work with Tammy and will do so again!

Pete McNair 

Pete McNair

August 28, 2018

Tammy Green

Tammy was great from start to finish. She did not pressure us when we needed time, and was able to meet our tight deadlines.
Thanks Tammy for your hard work, even on days off!

Serge Cormier

October 24,2017

Tammy Green

I would rate 10 stars if I could ! Tammy went above and beyond, every single step of the way, and made the entire process of buying our first home a breeze. We had a very difficult endeavour for our dream property, with lots of specifics , a tight budget, and a time frame. Tammy took all of these challenges in stride with confidence and grace! Whether it be braving some absolute tear-down nightmares , to arranging lawyers and contractorsuggestions for us, Tammy did it ALL. My husband and I are absolutelymoved to our core by the care, patience and knowledge this angel brought to the table. I will recommend Tammy to absolutely every one I know looking to buy or sell. Thank you so much Tammy !

Stephanie Vautour


We were completely satisfied with the service Tammy has provided for us. Tammy was very knowledgeable and gave us her utmost attention with every demand we requested. Tammy's diligence and patience with our house searching requests resulted in finding our family the perfect home. Most noteworthy was her impeccable taste for decor. A family relative pointed out how important Tammy's skill in painting us the future decor picture was in making our decision. To have a real estate professional who could help us envision our new home potential and provide small but essential changes to help our current home list better was priceless. Our house sold in 5 days during a time when similar homes in our area had been listed for months! We unreservedly recommend Tammy Green to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. My wife and I can give this testimony with confidence because this was our third home and definitely our most satisfying real estate deal.   

The Steens

September 5,2006

We had our mini home on the market for 6 months with no offers and hardly any showings.  We were disappointed and discouraged.  We knew mini homes were hard to sell, but were not satisfied with the service we received from our realtor at the time. 
We called Tammy while we were still under contract with the other agent, and we began asking questions.  She answered what she could and informed us that due to her ethics she would like to wait until our other contract was up to talk about pricing and contracts.
After our first contract expired, we contacted her again and she had done up a whole package in case we had called with prices on other houses in the area and suggestions to get our home sold quickly.
When we met Tammy, it was like she had known us forever and we were instantly comfortable and knew we had made the right choice.
She went out of her way to keep us informed of how every showing went, what comments were made and what suggestions she had to help us sell.  She also bent over backwards to make sure we had the best deal for our home.  She always made time to answer any questions we had without complaint no matter how small or trivial they may have seemed.   She always made us feel like we were her only and most important client, although we knew she was very busy with others.
We were important to her, and it showed. 
After we sold our old house, she helped us get settled in our new house and we still talk from time to time like old friends do. 
She will be our realtor for every house that we buy from now on.   She is extremely ethical, professional and works exceptionally hard to sell your home.  We highly recommend Tammy Green to everyone.  Especially if you want to take most of the stress out of buying or selling a home.
Lori and Carey Taylor

The Ballad April 2020

She hides house keys,
She picks up groceries,
The incomparable Tammy Green
In the era of Covid-19,

She may be small
But she's walking tall
The incomparable Tammy Green
In the era of Covid-19

Slot machines don't appeal
But casino food is a steal
For the incomparable Tammy Green
Before Covid-19

High heels are her style
With blond hair in a pile
The incomparable Tammy Green
Slays Covid-19

Will we sing her praises?
We have some choice phrases
For the incomparable Tammy Green
In the era of Covid-19

She's quick and she's sassy
And really quite classy
The incomparable Tammy Green
In the era of Covid-19

Buy or sell, doesn't matter
She'll be your top batter
The incomparable Tammy Green
In the era of Covid-19

-- Barbara Smith